Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California



Lash Lift



Lash lift is a lash enhancement service that uses perm solution to the natural lashes creating a lifted appearance that is similar to using a curler. The results last 6 weeks. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. We work with your natural lashes to lengthen and lift to brighten your eyes and face! It is a low maintenance solution for natural-looking lift. Great for straight or downward-facing natural lashes. Wake up to curled lashes! 

1 hour and 15 minutes — 20% off your first lash lift


Keratin Clear Mascara

+ $30.00

Keratin clear mascara improves the overall health of your hair. It nourishes, improves elasticity and strengthens lashes. The keratin protein helps lashes grow longer and fuller with lash retention.

Home treatment tube


Gift Certificate

$100 Lash lift

The best gift is one that will last for 6 weeks! To order a gift certificate, fill out the form below and we'll contact you to confirm the recipient's name and contact info. Once it's confirmed, we'll send you instructions for payment and email the recipient a super cute message and how to book their gifted lash lift. Easy peezy!