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Lily On Fillmore adds Toni to the Young Creatives series.


Toni’s positive attitude was infectious during the workshop, even coming from someone like me who has absolutely zero patience for working with needles and other small-sized objects. Like the Young Creatives featured on this blog before her, Toni is one to watch, y’all.
- Valerie Chen

"Once upon a time, Toni Truong was a 22-year-old energy trader living in Houston, Texas. Every Monday through Friday, she sat at a desk flanked by eight computer monitors and two phones, dutifully dealing megawatts on an electrical grid.

Then, at age of 25, a “quarter-life crisis” hit. She soon quit her job at the oil and gas company, packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles, enrolling in Otis College of Art and Design with an emphasis in fashion design. A flurry of schooling and employment later — with each step of the way fueled by determination and perseverance — Toni now owns and operates her very own line of handcrafted leather goods for the refined and edited woman: TONI. Components of TONI’s luxe products are all locally sourced and handmade.

Though this change of heart might seem rather abrupt to you or me, it never was for Toni. She had always been crafty, particularly since learning how to sew in an 8th grade home economics class. Real life and its aptness toward practicality happened, however, and the hobby took a backseat to carrying out a booming internship turned full-time, lucrative job. Despite this paved path to success in the energy trading world, her “rat race”-type of life left her feeling empty and more than a little bit stuck.

Craving some sort of change, Toni took time off from her corporate-centric routine. Within a year, she gallivanted throughout approximately 14 countries, including a solo trip to Australia and a backpacking trip through Spain, Madrid and Barcelona."

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308 E 9th Street #203, Los Angeles, CA, USA